Unfortunately, due to multiple drivers being out on medical, the PM South County route that leaves Washington & Rose at 3:45 will be cancelled. We will update as soon as possible if we are able to find a way to cover this shift.

Schedules may be obtained in accessible formats upon request. Please call the office for more information.
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Saturday Service

First Stop – Washington & Rose – 8:15 AM – Hourly through 6:30 PM

Roseburg Greenline

North going South – Hourly, Monday – Friday – 6:35 AM – 8:10 PM

Roseburg Redline

South going North – Hourly, Monday – Friday – 6:15 AM – 8:09 PM

Route 99 Northbound

South County Route 99 Northbound, Monday – Friday – 5:28 AM – 8:00 PM

Route 99 Southbound

South County Route 99 Southbound, Monday – Friday – 4:50 AM – 7:22 PM

Sutherlin Blueline Northbound

Northbound UCC to Sutherlin Commuter Route, Monday – Friday – 6:50 AM – 6:27 PM

Sutherlin Blueline Southbound

Southbound Sutherlin to UCC Commuter Route, Monday – Friday – 6:10 AM – 7:15 PM

Winston Greyline Northbound

Winston to Roseburg Commuter Route, Monday – Friday – 5:55 AM – 7:45 PM

Winston Greyline Southbound

Roseburg to Winston Commuter Route, Monday – Friday – 5:35 AM – 7:15 PM

Lane-Douglas Connector

For more information about  schedules, please contact South Lane Wheels.

Lane-Douglas Connector – South Lane Wheels (southlanetransit.com)

Sunshine Park Route

Four trips a day Monday – Friday between the Washington Ave and Rose St Connection Center and Sunshine Park, which is located on Sunshine Rd east of the UPTD facility off Highway 138. 

The service will either originate from Sunshine Park or Washington and Rose depending upon the time of day and will travel via Diamond Lake Blvd servicing existing bus stops along the way.

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