Schedules may be obtained in accessible formats upon request. Please call the office for more information.

Orangeline Northbound

Green to Downtown to UCC, Monday – Friday – 6:34am-6:00pm

Orangeline Southbound

UCC to Downtown and Green, Monday – Friday – 7:47am-7:12pm

Roseburg Greenline

North going South – Hourly – Monday – Friday – 6:35am-6:36pm

Roseburg Redline

South going North – Hourly, Monday – Friday – 6:50am-6:40pm

Route 99 Northbound

South County Route 99 Northbound, Monday – Friday – 5:28am-8:00pm View Schedule Route Map

Route 99 Southbound

South County Route 99 Southbound, Monday – Friday – 4:50am-7:22pm

Sutherlin Blueline Northbound

Northbound UCC to Sutherlin Commuter Route, Monday – Friday – 6:50am-6:19pm

Sutherlin Blueline Southbound

Southbound Sutherlin to UCC, Monday – Friday – 6:20am-6:52pm

Winston Greyline Northbound

Winston to Roseburg Commuter Route, Monday – Friday – 6:05am-6:34pm

Winston Greyline Southbound

Roseburg to Winston Commuter Route, Monday – Friday – 5:45am-6:10pm

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