Updated: Budget Committee Information for 2023-2024

UPTD Board

The Umpqua Public Transportation District Board of Directors

Consists of seven (7) members elected from and by the citizenry at large as provided by law and UPTD’s formation documents.

The Board’s responsibility is to set policies that ensure the health of the agency. The Board meets monthly on the second Monday at the District building, located at 3076 NE Diamond Lake Blvd, Roseburg, OR 97470. Members of the public may be invited to make comments during the public forum section of the meeting. The meetings are advertised in local newspapers to announce the place and time.

Umpqua Public Transportation District Board Members

Position Board Member Term Expires
1 Doug Mendenhall 6/30/2027
2 Michaela Hammerson 6/30/2027
3 Tom Trotter 6/30/2027
4 Janice Baker 6/30/2025
5 Sarah Thompson 6/30/2025
6 Lonnie Rainville 6/30/2025
7 Mike Baker 6/30/2025

UPTD Board Agendas & Minutes

UPTD Board Public Notices

UPTD Budget

Budget Year 2023-2024

Past Years

Funding Opportunities


Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund/Special Transportation Advisory Committee (STIF/STAC)

Umpqua Public Transportation District Board of Directors has formed an Advisory Committee to advise and assist the Umpqua Public Transportation District to advocate for the transportation needs of seniors and persons with disabilities; and to develop recommendations for the proposed distribution of Special Transportation Fund, and federal and state moneys by the District. The Advisory Committee will also advise and assist the Umpqua Public Transportation District on matters related to the enhancement of local and regional public transit services provided within the District using STIF moneys as set forth under OAR Chapter 732, Division 40, Division 42, and Division 44.

In order to better adhere to the STIF guidelines, UPTD has added additional positions to the committee to provide a wider range of representation of the people in our community.

Committee Members

Position Committee Member Representing Term Expires
1 Shelley Gurney Service Provider – Fixed Route 6/30/2024
2 Sarah Baumgartner Service Provider 12/31/2024
3 Natasha Atkinson Disabilities 6/30/2024
4 Vacant Service Provider  
5 Roy Spurgeon Seniors 6/30/2024
6 Vacant Low Income  
7 Vacant Veterans  
8 Toby Notenboom Interested Party w/Transit Background 6/30/2024
9 Dick Dolgonas Bike Ped Advocate 6/30/2024
10 Vacant Transit User  
11 Vacant Dependent Transit User  
12 Vacant Environmental Advocate  
13 Vacant Educational Institutions  
14 Vacant Public Health  

Appointment Process

Upon expiration of terms, the District will advertise available positions. Potential members shall submit an application to the District STIF/STAC Coordinator. Members shall be appointed directly by the Umpqua Public Transportation District Board of Directors.

STIF/STAC Agendas & Minutes

STIF/STAC Public Notices

Community Support

The future of UTrans is here!

In 2017, the Oregon Legislature approved a new Oregon law (HB 2017) called Keep Oregon Moving.

This bill has generated millions of dollars in new funding for transportation programs around the state of Oregon. Programs like UTrans. The passage of HB 2017 has led to the formation of a new non-taxing Transit District in Douglas County so the funds can be more strategically managed. Approximately $1 million will be coming to the Transit District in the first year. The new program is expected to generate as much as $3 million each year in future years.

In November, Douglas County voters elected a new 7-member Transit Oversite Committee. This group of citizens will need public input to decide how these funds will be used.

Funds from this new funding source could be used by UTrans to:

We are encouraging everyone in Douglas County to let their friends and neighbors and fellow riders know about HB 2017 and the impact it will have on local transportation. Tell people why you ride UTrans, where you take the bus and how important UTrans is to your life.

Thank you for using UTrans and thank you for your support!

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